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I have been a crafter of all sorts for many years, and really love working with Paper and Threads. I am loving the design work I am doing now. I really seem to be getting back into my "art", even if I am doing it by computer now, instead of actually getting dirty while drawing. ;-) I have been avid about Thread Arts since I was a kid, learning to Crochet at 7, then Knit, Embroider, Needle Lace and finally Needle Tat. I love to design as well and am looking forward to taking the Needle Tatting that further step as well.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Anyone wanting Displays for doing Craft Shows?

I'm at a place where I no longer want to do Craft Shows, so I have some displays that work great that I am willing to part with.

First up is a display for Cards/DVD's..that kind of thing.  There are 6 tiers, and it folds up flat for storage.  It is about 29" wide.

Shown with cards for display only (not included)

Shown with cards for display only (not included)

Empty to show display better $20 US

I also have a Mobile Display Carrier for jewelry.  This is something that I made, so you will have something totally unique.
Earrings shown for display only, not included

Jewelry boxes not included
$40 for entire bundle
 You receive the box, 6 black necklace displays, 2 white ones, and 4 earring frames (the easel stands are not on the frames....I never could get them to stay on).

Leaf and Tear Drop Beads

Here are some beautiful Milky Peridot/White 10/5 mm Leaf Beads.  These beads come bagged, 1 25-bead strand to each bag.
$3.15 US
And here is a terrific Large Tear Drop 8/6mm Matte Crystal Aurora Borealis Bead that comes bagged 2 25-bead strands to each bag.
$7.75 US

Beautiful Seed Beads in several similar Blues

I have a very pretty Transparent Rainbow Cobalt Seed Bead in a size 11/0.  This bead comes in a 45mg bag.
$6 US

I have a Transparent Rainbow Sapphire Seed Bead in a size 8/0.  This bead comes in a 44mg bag and is extremely close in color with the other two blue beads.

$5.50 US

I have a Transparent Cobalt Seed Bead in a size 6/0.
$5.50 US

Unless I make another Bead purchase, this ends the Seed Beads I have available.

Finish Galvaized Alumium

I only have one size of this beautiful color of Metal Seed Beads.  They in their own 5.5" Tube.  This seed bead is actually made from polished metal, given a shiny Silver finish.
$16 US

Silver Lined Light and Medium Topaz Seed Beads

I only have one size of this beautiful color of Glass Seed Beads.  They in their own 5.5" Tube.

$7.25 US

$7.25 US

Silver Lined Aquamarine Seed Beads

I have 2 sizes of this beautiful color of Glass Seed Beads.  Each size comes in its own 5.5" Tube.

$7 US

$7.25 US

Dyed Rainbow Lemon Mist Seed Beads

I have 2 sizes of this beautiful color of Glass Seed Beads.  Each size comes in its own 5.5" Tube.

$7 US

$7.25 US

Dyed Rainbow Ballerina Pink Seed Beads

I have 3 sizes of this beautiful color of Glass Seed Beads.  Each size comes in its own 5.5" Tube.
$7 US

$7 US


$7.25 US

Large Tatting Press & Pattern

Included with the pattern is a tutorial on how to make the Press.

Printed Large Tatting Press Pattern & Tutorial $5 USD
Now HERE!  2 Brown/Lime Green/Yellow Tatting Presses

These 2 Large Tatting Presses are the same colors all they way. $15 US (each)
These presses are 7" across with 2 elasticized pockets on the outside and felt on the inside to hold your tatting in place.  This size is great for needle tatters or shuttle tatters (or any other small hand craft).  A grosgrain ribbon closure keeps everything in place while traveling.

Multi Colored 2 Lace Papers

These papers start with a very pretty, soft, multi-color paper, then have a pretty lace overlay on top of the paper for a unique look.  Included in this set is the plain paper, a vellum of the plain paper and 8 papers with the lace overlay for a total of 10 very pretty papers to use in your card making or scrapbooking.  Papers are A-4 size,  300 dpi and JPEG format.  CU OK.

$2 US

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Thank You Paper Pack

Here is another Brand New Paper Pack.  This one is perfect to use as a Backing Paper on all those Thank You cards you need to do for various occasions.  Included in the paper pack are 10 soft colors, including Silver and Gold.  All files are 12 x 12", 300 ppi and JPEG format.

Thank You Paper Pack $3 US

Monday, June 15, 2015

Ultimate Recycle!

Aren't these just the cutest Snowmen you have ever seen?  Believe it or not, these are made from painting burnt out old light bulbs!  I have several drawers full of light bulbs to paint up more too!  My apartment building just upgraded all of our lights to the new LED lights and were just going to throw away all of the old incandescent bulbs. :-O  I saved them from the land fill and will be painting loads more...there are several different sizes of bulbs too.
Medium Painted Snowman Bulb $3 US

Medium Painted Snowman Bulb $3 US

Small Painted Snowman Bulb $2 US

Small Painted Snowman Bulb $2 US
 I only have these 2 sizes painted at the moment, but since there are 4 sizes of bulbs available, and except for size they are pretty much the same, I am putting up a listing of the 2 largest sizes as well.


Knitting Row Counters

Do you knit?  How about some Bling for your knitting?  These are unique Row Counters, you can also call them a Knitting Abacus.  Slip the loop furthest from the large ring on your knitting needle for row 1, on row 2 slip it to the next big ring, continue moving up the chain for each row.  When you get to the end...up to the large ring, slide the ring of beads over the bead right next to it...these are your 10 counters.  Then start over with putting the counter on your needles at the first ring.  Continuing this way, you can count 109 rows.
Knitting Row Counter $7 US

Color Choice

Crochet Christmas Doily

This doily is 32" across and is crocheted with a variegated soft green, red and white size 10 thread. This doily does not have any stiffener used on it.  When washing is needed, just machine wash it on Delicate, then block it wet and let it dry.
Christmas Doily 32" across  $35 US
Inset photo shows the doily on a 40" table.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Maybe a bit early, but....

As cold as it gets around here, it is never too early to think about staying warm during the Winter!

This is a Hood, or a Cowl if you prefer, crochet in the round.  Laid flat, it measures 15" wide and 24" long.  Wear it under the collar of your coat or wear it over, but wear it over your head to stay warm.  Leave it open in front or tuck it around the front to keep your face warm too.  The yarn used to make this Cowl is a nice soft BouclĂ© in the Blue tones.
Hood/Cowl $30 US
I had one last Winter and it kept me super warm!

Glittered Dot Crinkled Papers

Here is a Brand New Paper Set!  This is a set of 8 Beautifully colored crinkled papers with glittery dots.  Each page is 12 x 12", 300 dpi and in JPEG format. 
Glitter Dot Crinkled Paper $3 US


Christmas Trees

Here is one of the very cute Christmas Trees that I have tatted as earrings.
Christmas Tree Earrings - glass star  $7/pair USD

I also have this star in a very pretty amber/gold color.  Just let me know how many pairs you need and whether you want the clear or the amber stars.

Bright "Duchess"

I just LOVE this pattern by Marilee Rockley!  This one is done in one of my Hand Dyed Threads (HDT) called Springtime which is a nice bright Spring green along with some yellow and a touch of light blue.  The beads are a terrific match for the thread used.  Necklace length is 21", including clasp.  Earrings are made from a single repeat of the pattern used in the necklace and are 1-1/2" wide by 2" long (not including earring wire)  Earrings have been stiffened to hold their shape nicely as they are larger than most of my earrings.

Duchess in Springtime HDT  $20.00 USD
If you like this pattern as much as I do but would like to see it in a different color, just drop me a line and I'd be happy to make one up just for you in your color scheme/s

Tatted Bridal Garter

Resizable Tatted Bridal Garter $30 US
This Tatted Bridal Garter is made to be sized to any needed size with a button hole, placed on the back inside of the Garter.  The elastic is held with a safety pin, so it is easy to grab ahold of.  To make the Garter smaller than it currently is, you just pull the elastic up to fit.  You can stitch the new size, or just use a safety pin to hold it.  If you need it larger than its current size, you just need to remove the elastic and add a piece sized for you.  This Garter is made with over 1 yard of a very pretty silky Blanket Binding that I have added tatting on the bottom edge.  The tatting is done in size 80 thread in a very pale variegated blue & white.  The little rose is also tatted and the beads are glass pearl seed beads & Swarovski Bi-Cone beads.  The Garter comes with a box to keep your keepsake in.



Having moved to a small apartment, I no longer have the room to Hand Dye any of my own threads anymore, so instead of hanging on to things I no longer have any use for, I am going to post them here...for sale.
Very lightly used Yarn Swift & Yarn Counter $30 US
 This yarn swift has been very lightly used.  Originally purchased from Amazon, along with the Yarn Counter

I'm also adding here all of the Dye materials I have in a single bundle.

$25 US for Entire Bundle of Dye Materials


Thermal Weave Crochet Afghan

Here is another afghan that is a great gift if you don't know whether that coming baby is a Boy or a Girl.

Thermal Weave Crochet Afghan 38" long, 28" wide $35 US
Printed Pattern $3 US
This is a Close-up of the Texture of the Afghan
This afghan is crocheted with Baby Green and a Variegated yarn

If you are of a mind to make your own afghan though, I have written the pattern out.  This afghan can be worked with any size yarn, and any finished size you desire. 
You will receive a Printed copy of the pattern, not a digital download.


Clustered Mile-a-Minute Afghan - Neutral

Not sure whether the coming Baby is a Boy or a Girl?  Here is the perfect Baby Shower Gift!  Made with my Clustered Mile-a-Minute Afghan Pattern, this Baby Afghan is worked in Baby Green, Baby Pink, Baby Blue and Antique White and measures 42" long and 36" wide.
Clustered Mile-a-Minute - Neutral 42" long, 36" wide $35 US


Clustered Mile-a-Minute Afghan & Pattern

42" long, 32" wide Baby Afghan $35 US
Printed Pattern $3 US

Crocheted in White, Baby Blue and a Variegated Blue, this is a terrific afghan for your own baby or as a great Baby Shower Gift. 
If you are of a mind to make your own afghan though, I have written the pattern out.  This afghan can be worked with any size yarn, and any finished size you desire. 
You will receive a Printed copy of the pattern, not a digital download.